Hope of East Tennessee

Outpatient Services

Recognizing the need for outpatient addictions treatment HOPE established an outpatient program in 1999. This is available to those who need intensive treatment coupled with a long term residential stay...

Transitional Living

In 1995, HOPE acquired three apartment units for use as transitional living. These are fully furnished apartments with a total of 11 beds designated as a two phase transistion program for women.

How You Can Help

For HOPE of East Tennessee Inc. is a non-profit organization and is registered as a charitable organization in the state of Tennessee. Contributions may be tax deductible. We welcome donations of money...

Welcome to

HOPE of East Tennessee

In accordance with HOPE of East Tennessee's core values of dignity, integrity, hope, excellence, action, and innovation, we welcome all clients, patients and participants regardless of the challenges or problems they face. We expect many of the individuals that present at our programs may have co-occurring disorders and will screen for those disorders. Our goal is to maintain an emphatic, ethical, responsive, and professional attitude in all phases of care and we are dedicated to creating an environment of opportunity, choice, and hope.

No Wrong Door

All persons seeking services will be received in a welcoming and respectful manner regardless of presenting needs, symptoms, or illness. We adhere to a "No Wrong Door" approach in order to remove barriers to care and services. The HOPE of East Tennessee staff will aid all persons in navigating the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug, and Medical treatment systems.



Our outreach is a system-based effort and as a result of advocacy and referral, individual needs are addressed either by our direct services or by a collaborating provider within the human service community.

Trusted & comfortable space for recovery.